CloudCover Episode on Autoscaling

A couple of weeks ago, while catching up on twitter late at night, I saw a tweet from Wade Wegner: Tomorrow is the last @cloudcovershow and the first time I’ve ever had a guest cancel the night before. The nerve! — Wade Wegner (@WadeWegner) March 28, 2012 I stepped in and offered to talk about…


Announcing Windows Azure Autoscaling Block preview

Just in time for the //Build/ Conference, we have released a preview of the Windows Azure Autoscaling Application Block (WASABi). It’s available via NuGet. There are two packages – one with binaries and one containing the source. This preview includes a sample application for hosting the block and for exploratory testing. Please follow the instructions…


Interception in Silverlight demo

Interception has been released as a Unity container extension since v1.2 (October 2008). However, it was not available on Silverlight. Until now. In this Channel9 screencast, we discuss interception as a code modularization technique for dealing with cross-cutting concerns.  We contrast 2 types of interception – instance and type interception. Using the newly implemented interception…


Validation Application Block ported to Silverlight

Earlier this week, we published a code drop of the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack. It contains: port of the Validation Application Block new pieces of the infrastructure to support XAML-based configuration async configuration loading Note there is also a conversion tool to facilitate the reuse of your Enterprise Library existing configurations and convert…


Enterprise Library 5.0 preview video posted

The talk Bob and I gave at the p&p Redmond summit in October is now available for online viewing. In it we discuss and demo (use time breakpoints  to fast forward to a specific topic): the overall theme of the release – simplicity & improved user experience (00:00) data accessors (06:25) higher performing logging (18:00)…


Video on what’s coming in EntLib 5.0

In this channel9 video, Chris and I give a 10,000 ft view on what’s coming in EntLib5.0. For details, consult our product backlog.


What is Enterprise Library team currently up to?

After shipping Enterprise Library v4.1, the team is focusing on the ease-of-use and learnability aspects of both EntLib and Unity. Our top stories of the current backlog include the following: Unity for Silverlight [Done – 12/14/2008] Comprehensive Enterprise Library FAQs [Done – 2/10/2009]  Validation Block Hands-on Lab [Done – 1/3/2009] Interception Hands-on Lab [Done -…


Agile PreCon at PDC 2008

Mary Poppendieck and I are set to run a pre-conference workshop on Agile Perspectives: Industry and Microsoft. In it, we will provide our observations on what works, what doesn’t in the world of agile, and why (we call this segment of the workshop “Reality of agile”). The objective is to provide pragmatic advice, recommendations and…


Agile2008 selected sessions online

You wish you could have made it to Agile2008 in Toronto 2 weeks ago? A small number of sessions is now available online. 18 sessions have been recorded, 3 of which are already made available: −       Natural Laws of Software Development – Deriving Agile Practices by Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson −       “We suck less!” Isn’t…