Enterprise Library 6: Developer’s Guide Released

Just in time for the MVP Global Summit, I’m excited to announce the second edition of our guide-primer on the latest Microsoft Enterprise Library. The guide explains the concepts that drove development of the blocks, the kinds of tasks they can accomplish, and how they help you implement many well-known design patterns. And, of course,…


Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library – Release Candidate

From the TechEd floor… To complement our set of learning resources for Enterprise Library (reference docs, hands-on labs, videos), I’ve just uploaded the most recent version of the Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library to Codeplex. It includes all chapters and represents a release candidate. The book is now going through layout, indexing and other production steps…


Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 Released

In the continued commitment to our users – .NET enterprise developers, we are releasing a fully updated set of hands-on labs today. These are built by developers for developers! The set includes exercises for all application blocks as well as Unity, Interception and complex configuration scenarios. Once you download the msi, you can choose which…


Don’t overlook Enterprise Library 5.0 Migration Guide

Enterprise Library users’ community, hello! The 5.0 release has received quite the welcome from so many of you with many thousands in downloads and hundreds of tweets and blog posts just in 3 days after the release. I would like to draw your attention to one piece of guidance we’re providing as a part of…


Unity 2.0 container update

Our latest work on Unity 2.0 is available on Codeplex (see change set 28516). This is the first work we’ve done on Unity as part of the EntLib5.0 effort. Major changes in this drop include: ObjectBuilder2 DLL is now gone. The code is now completely contained in the Unity assembly, and you won’t need to…


Video on what’s coming in EntLib 5.0

In this channel9 video, Chris and I give a 10,000 ft view on what’s coming in EntLib5.0. For details, consult our product backlog.


Enterprise Library 5.0: Product Backlog prioritization results

Some two weeks ago, we exposed the preliminary product backlog for Enterprise Library 5.0 and invited the community to vote on the features that matter to them most. And what a response we got! Over 2,600 people viewed the backlog and 981 cast their votes, with 230 troopers persevering to the very end. 18 members…


Ethnographies to guide strategy

Ethnographies are descriptions of people with their habits and points of difference (typically, in their natural settings). They explore the richness, depth, and complexity of some phenomena. These descriptions are based on extended observations, which make this type of studies particularly difficult to produce. Popular in social, geographical and psychological studies, ethnographic-based research studies are…