Scoping CQRS/ES Guidance Project

We, the patterns & practices team, are considering doing a guidance project on implementing systems using the Command & Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) approach. This is not going to be a framework or reusable components. We are positioning this project as a learning journey and envision providing an experience report that describes building a sample…


Vote on the stories for the EntLib Azure Integration Pack!

After several weeks exploring the Azure development space and consulting with the field and internal product groups, we’ve identified several opportunities for the Windows Azure Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library. They are posted as stories via Uservoice. They are grouped in the following categories: Auto-scaling Data Access: Windows Azure Table Storage Automatic Retries Diagnostics…


How do software practitioners stay current - IEEE Software Magazine Survey

As a member of the IEEE Software Advisory Board, I’d like to invite you to participate in a short survey which will gather information on how software practitioners keep up-to-date about technologies and practices in software engineering. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes of time. Please complete the survey by Friday December…


Enterprise Library 5.0: Product Backlog prioritization results

Some two weeks ago, we exposed the preliminary product backlog for Enterprise Library 5.0 and invited the community to vote on the features that matter to them most. And what a response we got! Over 2,600 people viewed the backlog and 981 cast their votes, with 230 troopers persevering to the very end. 18 members…


Do you have testing problems?

In our quest to produce actionable acceptance testing guidance, we are looking for hard-to-test scenarios from real world projects so that we could test our guide against them. We would appreciate if you shared your testing problems with us. For example, you may find testing the logics that generates binary data (like image generation, voice…


What does "done" mean to you?

We have posted a short survey on the practices of acceptance testing that I would like to invite you to answer. Your thoughtful responses will help us focus the guide on issues that matter to you. Your input is critical. If you feel particularly strongly about any topic/practice/issue in acceptance testing and would like to…


Influence the future of MSF guidance

Andrew Delin, a colleague of mine, who is working on the next generation of the Microsoft Solutions Framework, posted a survey on the usage of MSF. Your participated is invited!