Enterprise Library 6.0 – Vision/Scope

TL;DR version This post is an overview of the direction the patterns & practices team is taking with the next version of Microsoft Enterprise Library. Feel free to scroll down for the specific product backlog themes or just visit our Uservoice site. Exploration and preparation After a couple of months of exploration, we have finalized…


Enterprise Library vNext – Simplified!

TL;DR edition We are simplifying EntLib. Next version targets Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and .NET4.5. Help shape the release. Provide input via Uservoice.   Full edition It’s been over 2 years since the last major release of Microsoft Enterprise Library. That release (v5.0) was the most successful release to date with over 1.5 million downloads…


Vote on the stories for the EntLib Azure Integration Pack!

After several weeks exploring the Azure development space and consulting with the field and internal product groups, we’ve identified several opportunities for the Windows Azure Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library. They are posted as stories via Uservoice. They are grouped in the following categories: Auto-scaling Data Access: Windows Azure Table Storage Automatic Retries Diagnostics…


EntLib vNext teaser

We have started exploration and experimentation on a new project — Windows Azure Integration Pack for Enterprise Library. Our product vision is: For .NET developers, architects, testers, and IT/Pros building, extending and maintaining LOB applications powered by Windows Azure-hosted or on-premises services, Windows Azure Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library will provide guidance and reusable…


Preliminary Enterprise Library for Silverlight backlog is published. Vote now!

Greetings, Silverlight LOB developers! We’ve published our preliminary backlog for the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack, based on numerous discussions and user feedback. It also includes stories for the update of Unity 2.0 for Silverlight. You can find it at http://EntLibSL.mswish.net It’s rather a comprehensive list of stories, some of which are mutually exclusive….


Validation Application Block for Silverlight – open question

As we are spiking on the EntLib Silverlight Integration Pack, we can use some feedback on the validation story. With the recent addition of DataAnnotations and RIA Services to the framework stack, we would like to avoid adding confusion to the Silverlight platform by introducing yet another validation framework. At the same time, we’d like…


Enterprise Library roadmap

After the release of Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 in April 2010, our team focused on getting the hands-on labs out and the new Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library, including versions localized to Russian (already out) and now working on Japanese, Chinese and Spanish editions as well as a Visual Basic edition. We also…


Video on what’s coming in EntLib 5.0

In this channel9 video, Chris and I give a 10,000 ft view on what’s coming in EntLib5.0. For details, consult our product backlog.


Enterprise Library 5.0 … and we’re off!

We have officially started our development work on EntLib5.0. Earlier I’ve shared our product backlog, which was largely driven by you, the community. Our initial plan is to ship in early 2010. If you want to stay tuned with what we’re doing, the best way is to keep an eye on the home page of…


Enterprise Library 5.0: Product Backlog prioritization results

Some two weeks ago, we exposed the preliminary product backlog for Enterprise Library 5.0 and invited the community to vote on the features that matter to them most. And what a response we got! Over 2,600 people viewed the backlog and 981 cast their votes, with 230 troopers persevering to the very end. 18 members…