Unity 3.5 RTW: Now with more Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’m extremely proud to announce the latest release of the Unity DI container. We have updated it to simplify cross-platform development of apps and services. While this 3.5 release is filled with too many improvements to talk about, I’d like to highlight these two: Truly portable class library: We have transformed the individual platform targeted…


Simplifying cross-platform development – Unity 3.5 Portable Class Library Preview

We are updating Unity DI container to simplify cross-platform development of apps and services. The preview includes the following: Transform the individual platform targeted Unity into a PCL, including support for: Windows Store Apps 8.0 and 8.1 Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 and 8.1 .NET 4.5 and up Xamarin/Mono (Xamarin.iOS v7 and Xamarian.Android v4.12) Performance improvements…


Semantic Logging Application Block now supports activity tracing and Elasticsearch

We are happy to announce the release of the Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB) v1.1. It has exciting new features that will make developers more productive and that help improve your operational intelligence. I want to highlight three in particular: Support for activity tracing Support for activity IDs for EventSources is available in .NET 4.5.1….


Microsoft Enterprise Library – Open Development Model

Microsoft Enterprise Library has a long and prominent history. Over the years, it has evolved into a mature collection of application blocks, each focused on addressing specific cross-cutting concern. New blocks have been introduced, while others become deprecated with the evolution of the .NET Framework and other Microsoft technologies. In p&p we highly value openness…


Enterprise Library 6: Developer’s Guide Released

Just in time for the MVP Global Summit, I’m excited to announce the second edition of our guide-primer on the latest Microsoft Enterprise Library. The guide explains the concepts that drove development of the blocks, the kinds of tasks they can accomplish, and how they help you implement many well-known design patterns. And, of course,…


Learn Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3 with newly released hands-on labs

Download full set of Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 6   Download Unity 3 Hands-on Labs only   This release complements the recent releases of Enterprise Library 6 and Unity 3. The comprehensive labs were created by developers for developers. They will be useful both to those who are new to Enterprise Library and those…


Unity DI Container now supports Windows Phone

Upon numerous requests from Unity users, we have ported Unity DI Container to Windows Phone 8. The Unity NuGet package has been updated as follows: The .NET version of Unity remains intact. The NetCore version (for Windows Store apps) was recompiled, because there was a small change needed to have code parity with Windows Phone…


New Guide: Dependency Injection with Unity

About 20 years ago, Grady Booch, a world renowned software development visionary, stated in his essay Coming of Age in an Object-Oriented World that “our ability to imagine complex applications will always exceed our ability to create them”. Reflecting on this prediction today, we can see how software systems have evolutionarily become more and more…


Windows Azure autoscaling now built-in

One of the key benefits that the Windows Azure platform delivers is the ability to rapidly scale your application in the cloud in response to fluctuations in demand. Up to now, you had to write custom scripts or use other tools like Wasabi or MetricsHub in order to enable that. Last week during //Build, Scott…


Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 – Wave 2 Release

Last month we shipped the new versions of Microsoft Enterprise Library and Unity. They’ve been very well received. Today we are pleased to add the following guidance assets to enhance the set of reusable components: Reference Implementation (RI) – an end-to-end sample application that showcases the use of various application blocks from Enterprise Library. Note the…