CloudCover Episode on Autoscaling

A couple of weeks ago, while catching up on twitter late at night, I saw a tweet from Wade Wegner: Tomorrow is the last @cloudcovershow and the first time I’ve ever had a guest cancel the night before. The nerve! — Wade Wegner (@WadeWegner) March 28, 2012 I stepped in and offered to talk about…


Autoscaling Windows Azure applications

As I have previously announced, my team has been heads-down working on the new Windows Azure Integration Pack for Enterprise Library. Autoscaling came as one of the top-ranked stories for the pack (it is a frequently requested feature from the product group and it gathered a lot of votes on our backlog too). In this…


Silverlight Integration Pack for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 released!

  Today we are releasing the Silverlight Integration Pack for the popular Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks. This release provides guidance and reusable components designed to encapsulate recommended practices which facilitate consistency, ease of use, integration, and extensibility. It also addresses the needs of those who would like to port their existing LOB applications, that…


Preview Drop #3 of Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack

Third drop of the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack is now available on Codeplex. What’s in the drop? – Validation Application Block for Silverlight (details, video1,  demo1, video2, demo2)  – Caching Application Block for Silverlight with support for:   — in-memory cache   — isolated storage cache – Logging Application Block for Silverlight (video,…


Preliminary Enterprise Library for Silverlight backlog is published. Vote now!

Greetings, Silverlight LOB developers! We’ve published our preliminary backlog for the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack, based on numerous discussions and user feedback. It also includes stories for the update of Unity 2.0 for Silverlight. You can find it at It’s rather a comprehensive list of stories, some of which are mutually exclusive….


Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Silverlight – what do you want to see in it?

Update 12/09/2010: Thank you all who posted their thoughts in response to this blog and in the forums. A preliminary backlog of stories is now posted and available for voting. — Silverlight, originated as a rich media platform, is emerging as a business application platform too. Enterprise Library has traditionally supported line-of-business (LOB) application…