Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 – Wave 2 Release

Last month we shipped the new versions of Microsoft Enterprise Library and Unity. They’ve been very well received. Today we are pleased to add the following guidance assets to enhance the set of reusable components: Reference Implementation (RI) – an end-to-end sample application that showcases the use of various application blocks from Enterprise Library. Note the…


Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library released!

Lots of excitement in the area of Enterprise Library guidance! As part of the Enterprise Library 5.0, we took on a mission to considerably improve the learning curve and create a pragmatic and approachable primer on EntLib! We hope with this release we’ve accomplished that goal. This guide helps you to quickly grasp what EntLib’s…


Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library – Release Candidate

From the TechEd floor… To complement our set of learning resources for Enterprise Library (reference docs, hands-on labs, videos), I’ve just uploaded the most recent version of the Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library to Codeplex. It includes all chapters and represents a release candidate. The book is now going through layout, indexing and other production steps…


Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 Released

In the continued commitment to our users – .NET enterprise developers, we are releasing a fully updated set of hands-on labs today. These are built by developers for developers! The set includes exercises for all application blocks as well as Unity, Interception and complex configuration scenarios. Once you download the msi, you can choose which…


Don’t overlook Enterprise Library 5.0 Migration Guide

Enterprise Library users’ community, hello! The 5.0 release has received quite the welcome from so many of you with many thousands in downloads and hundreds of tweets and blog posts just in 3 days after the release. I would like to draw your attention to one piece of guidance we’re providing as a part of…


Zen and the Art of Managing Crosscutting Concerns – EntLib Dev Guide Preview

A new public preview release is now available on Codeplex. It now includes the following chapters, revised and updated for V5.0: Chapter 1 – Intro. Meet the Librarian Chapter 2 – Much ADO about Data Access Chapter 3 – Error Management Made Exceptionally Easy Your comments are invited. Stay tuned for more.


Acceptance Test Engineering Guide, volume 1 BETA2 release

Today I am pleased to announce the release of the beta2 of the first volume of our Acceptance Test Engineering Guide. We are getting closer to “done”. As it became apparent that the primary reader personas for each part in the original guide (that was released as beta1) were different  and the size of the…


Just Released – Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2

I know it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of announcements and buzz from MIX’09, but today we are releasing a set of hands-on labs for all the application blocks in Enterprise Library. We believe that this valuable release will not go unnoticed by the community of devoted EntLib users and want to take…


News: Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance BETA1

I am pleased to announce the release of the Acceptance Test Engineering guide BETA1. You can download it from Common Scenarios Addressed: How to Plan for Acceptance Testing What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests Defining What “Done” Means How to Justify Your Approach Contents at a…


Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance – project kick-off

Traditionally, p&p primary audience included developers and architects. Even though we have some coverage of the testing discpline (in particularly Testing .NET Application Blocks – Version 1.0 guide and Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications), it is a small portion of the p&p assets [link to catalog]. In our interactions with customers, we hear requests…