Semantic Logging Application Block 1.1 Pre-release

Greetings, EntLib community, and Happy New Year! Together with the community members, the p&p team has produced an update to the Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB). It now includes the support for: Activity Ids ( Keywords over 32 bits ( Support for Activity Ids for EventSources is available in .NET 4.5.1. This version of SLAB…


Microsoft Enterprise Library – Open Development Model

Microsoft Enterprise Library has a long and prominent history. Over the years, it has evolved into a mature collection of application blocks, each focused on addressing specific cross-cutting concern. New blocks have been introduced, while others become deprecated with the evolution of the .NET Framework and other Microsoft technologies. In p&p we highly value openness…


Enterprise Library community extensions ported to v5, released via NuGet

When I give an overview of the Enterprise Library, I often refer to an ecosystem of the core application blocks built by the Microsoft patterns & practices team, components tailored by the customers for their own needs as well as those produced and shared by the community. Extensibility has been one of core architectural design…


Enterprise Library Extensibility

Extensibility has always been one of the key design principles for Enterprise Library. Today, there are 3 ways how EntLib can be extended and customized: 1) Write pluggable custom providers. Each application block has extension points which you can leverage. With providers, functionality that is not a part of the application block’s core functionality can…


Just released: EntLib Contrib – January 2010

Enterprise Library Contrib community just published a new release. Congratulations! Check it out! Not only it upgrades all existing contributions to target the Enterprise Library 4.1, it also includes new features: 5 new or rewritten DAAB data providers for IBM DB2, MySql, Oracle ODP.NET, PostgreSql, and SQLite Query Application Block Resource Application Block integrated with…


Enterprise Library reaches 2 million downloads!

Enterprise Library has a broad reach and adoption. No wonder, since it embodies many of the proven .NET development practices and ships with the code, tests and hands-on labs – lots to reuse and lots to learn from. The EntLib community has welcomed more than 2 million downloads worldwide! At least 10% of Fortune 500…


EntLibContrib – May 2009 Release and future plans

Two of our community champions François Tanguay and Stephen Phillips just pushed out a new release of EntLibContrib. This is the final round-up of all of the user contributions built around the Enterprise Library v3.1 core. They are now working on the upgrade to the EntLib v4.1 core. The latest release of EntLibContrib contains the…


Enterprise Library FAQs wiki now open

Greetings, the Enterprise Library user community! Today the patterns & practices EntLib team together with the EntLib support team from Avanade is pleased announce the Enterprise Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) wiki. We’ve done a sweep of discussion topics through the Codeplex site and our mailboxes and distilled a collection of tips, tweaks, pointers and…


Where did the Application Block Software Factory go?

As I mentioned in the announcement of the Enterprise Library 4, two pieces were removed from the release: Application Block Software Factory and Strong-Naming Guidance Package. These are made available as a separate download on EntLibContrib. Here’s the direct link. Both require GAX.


Enterprise Library 4.0 for Visual Studio 2008 released!

Friends, I am extremely excited to announce the release of the Enterprise Library 4.0 for Visual Studio 2008. Congratulations to the team! Quick Links: –                 MSDN site: –                 Community Forum: –                 Community Extensions:   What is Enterprise Library? Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist…