Software Experts Summit 2011

I’ll be speaking at the Software Experts Summit 2011, organized by the IEEE Computer Society. It will take place at the  legendary Computer History Museum, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The theme for the summit is “Managing the Pace of Innovation”. The organizers lined up an impressive set of speakers, including Grady Booch,…


Lessons learnt from failure

Joshua Kerievsky posted an insightful experience report yesterday. In it, he talks about an eLearning product his company (Industrial Logic) tried to introduce, which turned out to be a commercial failure. The analysis he draws from this failure is a valuable set of lessons: communicate product development needs and sufficient design requirements (essentially, the “good…


Enterprise Library 5.0 … and we’re off!

We have officially started our development work on EntLib5.0. Earlier I’ve shared our product backlog, which was largely driven by you, the community. Our initial plan is to ship in early 2010. If you want to stay tuned with what we’re doing, the best way is to keep an eye on the home page of…


(Un)training puppies or adventures into the world of agile

As I was going through postings from our internal agile discussion forum  (yes, we do have one at Microsoft and it’s pretty vibrant too, with, on average, about a dozen of messages daily), I came across the draft of Sara Ford’s story about how she learnt to program manage an agile team after 6 years…


Where to find useful stuff from the Agile conference?

Agile conference traditionally publishes proceedings (that’s where you find all research papers and experience reports). Attendees also receive a CD or a memory stick with tutorial materials (decks, handouts, demos etc.). Several main stage talks are available as webcasts. What about workshops? A workshop is really an opportunity for attendees to learn more from each…


Agile Perspectives PDC Workshop

As promised, here’s the deck Mary Poppendieck and I used during the workshop. We hope it was worth the attendees’ time. We encourage you to try new techniques we talked about and let us know how your agile adoption is going. For more information, visit Mary’s site.


Agile PreCon at PDC 2008

Mary Poppendieck and I are set to run a pre-conference workshop on Agile Perspectives: Industry and Microsoft. In it, we will provide our observations on what works, what doesn’t in the world of agile, and why (we call this segment of the workshop “Reality of agile”). The objective is to provide pragmatic advice, recommendations and…


Agile2008 selected sessions online

You wish you could have made it to Agile2008 in Toronto 2 weeks ago? A small number of sessions is now available online. 18 sessions have been recorded, 3 of which are already made available: −       Natural Laws of Software Development – Deriving Agile Practices by Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson −       “We suck less!” Isn’t…


Acceptance Test Engineering guide – How to Decide if Software is Ready for You or Your Customer – Community Preview 2 released

On Monday, we  released our CTP2 on Codeplex: You’ll see it now includes the consumption model and also some recommendations on how to read the guide. There are three parts. Part I. Narratives and Models – this is a short section that is meant to be read end-to-end. This is where we define readiness…


Upcoming conferences – where I’ll be (May – Oct 2008)

Tech-Ed 2008 Developers, June 2-6, Orlando, FL. I’ll be giving a talk on the Enterprise Library (DVP02-TLC). I’ll be also hanging out in the exhibition areas (mainly, Process & Project Management (DVP- VSTS 2008)). CAST 2008 , July 14-17, Toronto, ON. I look forward to good interaction with testing experts and thought leaders from around the…