EntLib Contrib update

The Enterprise Library Contrib July 2007 bundle (driven by Olaf Conijn) has been released. Lots of awesome features. Check it out! http://www.codeplex.com/entlibcontrib Also, if you have good ideas and you do something really cool extending EntLib, hopefully this release will encourage you to share it with community as well.

GAX 1.3 – support for Orcas & more

GAX 1.3 is coming. The main goal was to port it to Orcas. This version will work for both Orcas and Whidbey and there is only a single MSI. Other new and improved features include: New GAX installer (using Wix) Experimental hive support VB templates support in GAT generated packages  



Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’ve posted an entry on TDD earlier today and completely forgot to introduce myself. Let me do it properly now…. I am Grigori Melnik, a Senior Technical Product Planner with Microsoft patterns & practices. My current portfolio includes: Enterprise Library, a collection of application blocks designed to assist programmers with common…


IEEE Software Special Issue on Test-Driven Development

The special edition of the IEEE Software Magazine dedicated to Test-Driven Development is out. As TDD is becoming more popular across all sizes and kinds of software engineering projects, Ron Jeffries and I specifically looked for articles reporting on non-trivial use of it: test-driving control systems design, GUI development, database development, performance optimization, storytest-driven development. We also included a comprehensive summary of…