Join us at the patterns & practices symposium 2013

Join my team for our flagship event – the patterns & practices symposium 2013. It will take place on Microsoft campus, Jan 15-17, 2013. Don’t miss the opportunity to see my colleagues and I speak on the latest projects coming from p&p and industry experts discussing the latest trends in software engineering. We have a…


Enterprise Library 6.0 – Vision/Scope

TL;DR version This post is an overview of the direction the patterns & practices team is taking with the next version of Microsoft Enterprise Library. Feel free to scroll down for the specific product backlog themes or just visit our Uservoice site. Exploration and preparation After a couple of months of exploration, we have finalized…


Topaz now supports the new Task-based Async Pattern

We’ve released a new version of the Transient Fault Handling Application Block (“Topaz”) which supports the new Task-based Asynchronous Pattern using the Task Parallel Library (TPL). This simplifies the process of retrying asynchronous calls significantly. The new block is available via NuGet. Check out the Release Notes. Special thanks to Stephen Toub for the code…


Clarifying logging scenarios

The patterns & practices team is exploring the space of application development for Windows App Store and Windows 8. We are thinking of building lean application blocks (reusable components) to help accelerate your development. If you are building or planning on building this type of app, please engage with us and help us understand your…


Enterprise Library vNext – Simplified!

TL;DR edition We are simplifying EntLib. Next version targets Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and .NET4.5. Help shape the release. Provide input via Uservoice.   Full edition It’s been over 2 years since the last major release of Microsoft Enterprise Library. That release (v5.0) was the most successful release to date with over 1.5 million downloads…


Transient Fault Handling Application Block (Topaz) updates

Oct 9 Update Topaz now supports the new Task-based async pattern using TPL. Aug 29 Update We removed the hard dependency on the Windows Azure Shared Caching core assembly (Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Core, Version=  This was causing build/deployment issues for users who wanted to use the Windows Azure Caching Preview (Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Core, Version= even when not using Topaz to…


Unity 3.0 Preview for .NET Framework 4.5 and WinRT

UPDATE 8/13/2012 The Codeplex site has been updated with self-extractables. See Last year, we shipped a Preview of the Unity 3.0 port to .NET4.5 Developer Preview. Now, after the final versions of both profiles of the .NET Framework 4.5 have RTM’ed, we are releasing an updated version of the port. Please see the Release Notes….


Unity 2.1 – August 2012 update

Today we’ve shipped via NuGet an optional update to Unity (2.1.505.2) which includes the following fixes: 1. Addressing a thread safety issue: 2. Improving debugging experience on System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException: 3. Improving debugging experience through better error messaging when a type cannot be loaded: 4. Supporting a scenario of performing a BuildUp() on an…


CQRS Journey guidance project released

Today we, the patterns & practices team, are happy to announce the release of the CQRS Journey guidance project. Customer Value The project is focused on building highly scalable, highly available and maintainable applications with the Command & Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing patterns. Right from the start we positioned this project as a…


Thinking about complex systems and cloud availability

There’s been plenty of discussion of the several major sites like Instagram and Netflix going down due to a cloud host disruption last week. It actually made the national news with CNN and others reporting on the outage. While applauding the rapid self-analyses in to the failures (see AWS_June29_2012, WindowsAzure_Feb29_2012), we should keep in mind…