Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 Released

In the continued commitment to our users - .NET enterprise developers, we are releasing a fully updated set of hands-on labs today. These are built by developers for developers! The set includes exercises for all application blocks as well as Unity, Interception and complex configuration scenarios. Once you download the msi, you can choose which labs to install (the installer simply unpacks selected labs). You can do them in any order. All labs come with solutions and detailed instructions. C# and VB.NET are available.  You can download the labs from here.

Please let us know what you think.

Also, if you develop your own tutorials, screencasts, webcasts, tutorials or other learning materials, feel free to let me know. I’d link to them from the EntLib’s codeplex page dedicated to learning.

- Grigori

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  1. entlib.com says:

    cool …. thanks a lot.

  2. Doug Boone says:

    Where are they released? Can you provide a link? The link on CodePlex is to 4.1

    Thank you

  3. Head on over to our download center to download free hands-on labs for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5

  4. kerem says:

    This samples are just basic , i think people need to some comprehensive samples.Thank you at all.

  5. Sandeep Sachan says:

    Daug! Its there check out with "Here" Link! 🙂

  6. @kerem

    The exercises are designed in the order of progressive complexity. Have you looked at the ones at the end of each chapter? Those cover comprehensive scenarios.

    Any ideas for other exercises are welcomed.


  7. Hi,

    I don't know if it is the right place to write this, but with a french version of SQL Server Express, I got errors when I run the script generating the employees records in the Caching sample.

    I've had to add a "SET DATEFORMAT ymd" statement before the INSERT requests in order to make it work.



  8. nojetlag says:

    what's the reason that they are not compatible with VS2010 ?

  9. @nojetlag

    Because at the time of EntLib5.0 release we targeted both VS2008 and VS2010. We produce the HOLs for the earliest release supported. It's quite easy to migrate solutions from VS2008 to VS2010.

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