Preliminary Enterprise Library for Silverlight backlog is published. Vote now!

Greetings, Silverlight LOB developers! We’ve published our preliminary backlog for the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack, based on numerous discussions and user feedback. It also includes stories for the update of Unity 2.0 for Silverlight. You can find it at It’s rather a comprehensive list of stories, some of which are mutually exclusive….


SQL Configuration Source for Enterprise Library

SQL Configuration Source for Enterprise Library 5.0 is now available. It allows storing configuration information in a database. It’s strengthened with encryption and change monitoring. We are shipping this as source code here: The project is set up to build against the signed binaries released with Enterprise Library 5.0. If you wish to compile…


How do software practitioners stay current – IEEE Software Magazine Survey

As a member of the IEEE Software Advisory Board, I’d like to invite you to participate in a short survey which will gather information on how software practitioners keep up-to-date about technologies and practices in software engineering. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes of time. Please complete the survey by Friday December…


Validation Application Block for Silverlight – open question

As we are spiking on the EntLib Silverlight Integration Pack, we can use some feedback on the validation story. With the recent addition of DataAnnotations and RIA Services to the framework stack, we would like to avoid adding confusion to the Silverlight platform by introducing yet another validation framework. At the same time, we’d like…


Enterprise Library roadmap

After the release of Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 in April 2010, our team focused on getting the hands-on labs out and the new Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library, including versions localized to Russian (already out) and now working on Japanese, Chinese and Spanish editions as well as a Visual Basic edition. We also…


Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Silverlight – what do you want to see in it?

Update 12/09/2010: Thank you all who posted their thoughts in response to this blog and in the forums. A preliminary backlog of stories is now posted and available for voting. — Silverlight, originated as a rich media platform, is emerging as a business application platform too. Enterprise Library has traditionally supported line-of-business (LOB) application…


Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library released!

Lots of excitement in the area of Enterprise Library guidance! As part of the Enterprise Library 5.0, we took on a mission to considerably improve the learning curve and create a pragmatic and approachable primer on EntLib! We hope with this release we’ve accomplished that goal. This guide helps you to quickly grasp what EntLib’s…


The patterns & practices symposium Redmond 2010

  We, at Microsoft patterns & practices, are hosting our flagship event in October – The Symposium. Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming. Rock-star keynotes by: Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) Emma Williams Jason Zander Charlie Kindel Yousef Khalidi Half day hands-on developer workshops: On Oct 18th afternoon, there will be three workshops…


Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library – Release Candidate

From the TechEd floor… To complement our set of learning resources for Enterprise Library (reference docs, hands-on labs, videos), I’ve just uploaded the most recent version of the Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library to Codeplex. It includes all chapters and represents a release candidate. The book is now going through layout, indexing and other production steps…


Hands-on Labs for Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 Released

In the continued commitment to our users – .NET enterprise developers, we are releasing a fully updated set of hands-on labs today. These are built by developers for developers! The set includes exercises for all application blocks as well as Unity, Interception and complex configuration scenarios. Once you download the msi, you can choose which…