Enterprise Library 5.0 preview video posted

The talk Bob and I gave at the p&p Redmond summit in October is now available for online viewing. In it we discuss and demo (use time breakpoints  to fast forward to a specific topic):

  • the overall theme of the release – simplicity & improved user experience (00:00)

  • data accessors (06:25)

  • higher performing logging (18:00)

  • fluent configuration interface (20:32)

  • config tool facelift and making it easier to plug in custom extensions to the config tool (30:18) –

  • honouring validation attributes between VAB and System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations (41:08)

  • tackling external and internal complexity with architectural refactoring and resulting testability improvements  (42:16)

  • container independence (43:34)

Enjoy! If you like what you see and want to play with EntLib5.0, download the most recent bits from entlib.codeplex.com and provide your feedback.

Enterprise Library v5 preview at the p&p Summit 2009

 Update 04/28/2010: A high resolution video has been posted and available from here.

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Comments (7)
  1. Umesh says:

    It’s low-res video quality. Can someone please point me to high-res video for Enterprise 5.0 preview?

  2. Umesh,

    This is the only one I know that’s been posted. I’ll enquire if a higher res video can be made available.

    Also, I’ll be recording a series of videos dedicated to each Enterprise Library 5.0 cool new features some time in May-June.


  3. Walt says:

    I agree: we need a high-res version. This video is next to useless without being able to see the Demo code.  Those of us new to EntLib need all the help we can get on how to put it in our projects.

  4. Code easier says:

    Code easier. This is what is requied. It is 2010 not 1990 and Artificial Intelligence should be availabe to create an applications.

  5. Umesh, Walt,

    A high resolution video has been posted. See the link above.


  6. Thank you for providing this video, it helped me understand the Enterprise Library 5.0.

  7. luna says:

    i agree to you point

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