Removing WMI support from Enterprise Library

In our quest to simplify EntLib’s codebase, we are considering removing WMI2 support in v5. This is based on recommendation by our Advisory board, as well as lack of usage and interest from the user community and the high development complexity to maintain WMI2 integration (the code itself as well as non-trivial environmental setup on dev and test machines).

If this is something you care deeply about, please scream now. We are waiting for any scenarios that could convince us to keep WMI2 support of EntLib objects till the end of October.

Note: as part of our instrumentation story, we will continue to maintain EventLog and perf counter updates.

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  1. locusta74 says:

    *** looking left, looking right, nobody here? ***

    Am I the only one who is a little bit worried that the WMI is no longer in a next version? This was one of the points that we were – I admit – planning to activate, as the management requested these features, and was one of the arguments of our solution (completely based on entlib).  

    I’ll keep an hawk-eye on this blog 🙂

  2. @locusta74

    Yes, you seem to be the only one. In 5 weeks, yours was the only comment with a concern.

    Notice, WMI2 support is still part of EntLib4.1.

    Also, what was specifically requested? What scenarios are you trying to address? for which blocks?

    — Grigori

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