Enterprise Library 5.0 – tentative product backlog published, story/feature prioritization is open – your participation is invited!

EntLib Community!

First of all, let me thank all of those who actively took part in providing their ideas and suggestions for the next version of EntLib. There are over 50 comments posted to my original invite and a similar number of emails, all of which have been reviewed by the EntLib team. In addition, we have analyzed the results of the EntLib satisfaction survey, examined discussions and issues posted on the EntLib community site and conducted extensive consultations with the members of our Advisory Board.

The list included over 100 items, most of which are exposed now. If we missed anything important there is still room for you to add some suggestions of your own.

We have also done “T-shirt sizing” of the stories – a rough, relative estimation of the effort involved in delivering a given story.

At this point, we would like to invite you to select and prioritize candidate features/stories you care about. Please review them carefully along with the associated effort estimates and cast your votes.  Do remember to stay within the budget (100 points). Here’s the link to the online survey.

NOTE: Due to the limitation of the surveying tool that doesn’t permit ranking matrices wider than 10, I had to flatten the survey that resulted in the 2nd page being rather long. It does NOT require you to answer all 20 questions though. You can vote for as few as top 5 and then move to the next page and vote for Integration Packs.  Also note, that the backlog with the codes is posted on a separate page (see the link in the survey) and you can open it in a separate window, screen or print for referencing. Alternatively, simply review the backlog and take notes of the features you care about and then simply select them as your priorities.


We will analyze the results and produce the prioritized backlog defining what the team will focus on in the next several months. We will share the results of the prioritization exercise with the community.

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  1. Grigori Melnik has posted a survey on features for Enterprise Library v5.  Please take a look and

  2. Now’s your chance to influence patterns & practices Enterprise Library 5.0.  You can do so by

  3. Influence the features that makes it into the next version of Enterprise Library  v5.0. Grigori

  4. List<Stuff> says:

    Como todos sabr&eacute;is, Enterprise Library es un conjunto de componentes reutilizables que podemos

  5. Don Smith says:

    Grigori , the PM for Enterprise Library , just posted version 5’s tentative backlog stories and is giving

  6. Grigori Melnik has invited the EntLib community to select and prioritize the stories for the next version

  7. There are few groups within Microsoft that are as open and so quick to deliver as patterns &amp;amp;

  8. Anon2312341234 says:

    With a survey like that, I have very little hope for the next version.

    Work on usability.

    Include a complete installer.

  9. As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a blogging vacation of late. Rest assured that I’m

  10. El equipo de Microsoft patterns&amp;practices nos invita a participar en la votación sobre las características…

  11. @Anon

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed the note in red box above.

    If you have *constructive* suggestions on how to arrange a ranking matrix for 120 items (and upto 20 priorities) in the format that only supports the maximum width of 10, I would be very interested in hearing those.


    — Grigori

  12. progg.ru says:

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from progg.ru

  13. SpoonsJTD says:

    Do you have a blog post or other potential link where you talk about the ‘integration pack’ concept? An ‘Integration Pack for SharePoint’ sounds much like what I spent my $100’s on (SharePoint-specific extensions).

  14. Microsoft patterns &amp; practices is excited to announce the release of: Hands-on Labs for Microsoft

  15. Microsoft patterns &amp; practices is excited to announce the release of: Hands-on Labs for Microsoft

  16. 你可以看到 EntLib5.0 初步计划。它是基于社区的 反馈意见 ,基于对 EntLib 社区网 问题栏和讨论论坛的回顾,和基于对 EntLib 满意度调查结果 和咨询委员会提出的建议的的分析。 请仔细阅读并对您关心的事项投票。如果我们错过了什么重要的地方你仍然可以添加一些自己的建议。

  17. Microsoft Patterns and Practices Releases Hands on Labs for Entity Library and Unity

  18. Some two weeks ago, we exposed the preliminary product backlog for Enterprise Library 5.0 and invited

  19. This community call is a bit old (Jan 09) but just in case you never noticed, here are the posts/links

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