DAAB and Entity Framework: possible marriage?

First of all, thanks to all people who have provided their inputs to the EntLib5.0 backlog (please keep them coming!). One story seems to be mentioned way too many times. It is related to DAAB integration with Entity Framework.

We’ve looked at this a little bit internally and we do not see any opportunity or value in this marriage. We might be missing something here. For those, who had asked for this, could you please provide more details about how this integration would work and what values you’d derive from it?

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  2. ewdev says:

    Hi Grigori,

    I mentioned in my wish list some for of Query Application Block (QAB) which is the next level of abstraction up from the DAAB. In other words you configure data queries with parameters to read and write data away to permanant storage, however, that storage medium can be a Database (using the DAAB), a Web or WCF service or an Xml file with plenty of extensibility to add other storage types.  The default DTO in such a block would naturally be the good old DataSet.  later on this could be taken up further with a Data Mapper Block to convert the DataSet to real business Objects.

    I have created such a block using the EntLib v4.1 core if you are interested in such a thing.  Whilst not exactly the Entity framework it is a similar thing and one entry mentioned a LINQ application block for heterogeneous data providers which seems to describe my QAB which just happens to Use LINQ to Xml for the Xml Provider.

    If you are interested I can send screenshots of the QAB as it looks on the Config Manager to a private email address. I have a tester that tests reading and writing to Databases, Services and Xml files using the block. (or I can just send the whole thing/DLL’s).

    I was hoping to release this block via EntLibContrib but that project is currently out of date so I would need it to be updated to support the v4.1 core before I released it there at the moment.

    P.S. the Resource Application Block (RAB) is also updated to the v4.1 core with the same problem about releasing it.

    Cheers…    Steve

  3. RCM says:

    Does the Entity framework in enterprise library 5.0 support oracle or any db other than sql server?

  4. The Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block (not only 5.0 but also previous versions) contains providers for Oracle. There are also 3rd party providers available for IBM DB2, MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite and other databases. Check out EntLibContrib at http://codeplex.com/entlibcontrib

    – Grigori

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