Enterprise Library 5.0 preview video posted

The talk Bob and I gave at the p&p Redmond summit in October is now available for online viewing. In it we discuss and demo (use time breakpoints  to fast forward to a specific topic): the overall theme of the release – simplicity & improved user experience (00:00) data accessors (06:25) higher performing logging (18:00)…


Powered by EntLib

When speaking about or demoing EntLib, I often get asked which Microsoft products Enterprise Library is used in. There are several dozen internal Microsoft projects (that we know of) that take advantage of Enterprise Library. However, many people are particularly interested in commercial products that use it. Today I am able to speak about some…


Dependency Injection pattern in APIs

My colleague and friend Chris Tavares, who is the Dev Lead on Enterprise Library and Unity, published an insightful article in MSDN magazine on the usage of DI in APIs, which I highly recommend. It is based on our recent experience of doing architectural refactoring of the Enterprise Library. It outlines our design  objectives and…


Zen and the Art of Managing Crosscutting Concerns – EntLib Dev Guide Preview

A new public preview release is now available on Codeplex. It now includes the following chapters, revised and updated for V5.0: Chapter 1 – Intro. Meet the Librarian Chapter 2 – Much ADO about Data Access Chapter 3 – Error Management Made Exceptionally Easy Your comments are invited. Stay tuned for more.


Grigori at PDC

I’ll be at PDC2009 in LA next week. I’ll be happy to meet with EntLib and Unity users as well as critics, to discuss new features of EntLib 5.0, preview the new config experience and also solicit suggestions for post v5 work. If you’d like to discuss acceptance testing and test automation strategies, I’d be…


p&p Summit 2009: What’s coming in Enterprise Library 5.0

Yesterday Bob Brumfield and I gave a talk on EntLib5.0 at p&p summit in Redmond . We’ve discussed the underlying architectural refactoring and previewed the following improvements: Data accessors that will help you easily consume sproc results when using Data Access Application Block – instead of a data reader you get an IEnumerable back and…


Removing WMI support from Enterprise Library

In our quest to simplify EntLib’s codebase, we are considering removing WMI2 support in v5. This is based on recommendation by our Advisory board, as well as lack of usage and interest from the user community and the high development complexity to maintain WMI2 integration (the code itself as well as non-trivial environmental setup on…


Enterprise Library reaches 2 million downloads!

Enterprise Library has a broad reach and adoption. No wonder, since it embodies many of the proven .NET development practices and ships with the code, tests and hands-on labs – lots to reuse and lots to learn from. The EntLib community has welcomed more than 2 million downloads worldwide! At least 10% of Fortune 500…


EntLib/Unity Trainers

If you are offering industrial or academic courses or workshops that use Enterprise Library or Unity, I hope you are already taking advantage of our updated Hands-On Labs. I would like to know what else we could do to better support you and the learners. Please reply to this post or ping me directly. You may also want…


Showcasing patterns & practices’ goodness

These are some of the events I’ll be presenting at in the next couple of months: Patterns & Practices Conference Ukraine, Kiev, Sep 16, 2009 (www.pnp.in.ua) Patterns & Practices Summit Russia, Moscow, Sep 22, 2009 (www.pnpsummit.ru) Patterns & Practices Summit Redmond, Oct 12-16, 2009 (www.pnpsummit.com) TechEd EMEA, Berlin, Nov 9-13, 2009 (www.msteched.com) Whether you are…