Just Released: Unity Application Block 1.2 for Silverlight

If you are building rich application experiences in Silverlight, you can now use the power of dependency injection. It was possible to use Unity on Silverlight before, but you had to make some tweaks since Silverlight has some differences from the desktop common language runtime (CLR). We are happy to announce the official release of Unity for Silverlight.

The following capabilities and packaging of the Unity container have been adjusted in this release:

  • The single Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll file in the Silverlight version contains all the classes from the three separate desktop DLLs: Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll, Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder2.dll, and Microsoft.Practices.Unity.StaticFactoryExtension.dll. You only need to reference and deploy the one assembly in your Silverlight projects.
  • Because of differences in the Silverlight security model, only public types can be created and injected by the container. The desktop version allows you to also inject internal types.
  • XML configuration is not supported.
  • The Unity interception mechanism is not supported.

An updated quickstart is also included.

See Chris’s post for more details on how this release was produced.

As always, submit your feedback and/or questions via Unity community forum.

Merry Christmas! and … Joyous Coding!

Comments (1)

  1. cory.m.smith says:

    This looks great, I’ve been doing some messing around with Silverlight and would love to try out Unity so this is perfect!

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