What is Enterprise Library team currently up to?

After shipping Enterprise Library v4.1, the team is focusing on the ease-of-use and learnability aspects of both EntLib and Unity. Our top stories of the current backlog include the following:

  1. Unity for Silverlight [Done - 12/14/2008]
  2. Comprehensive Enterprise Library FAQs [Done - 2/10/2009] 
  3. Validation Block Hands-on Lab [Done - 1/3/2009]
  4. Interception Hands-on Lab [Done - 3/18/2009]
  5. Unity Extensibility documentation [In Dev]
  6. New video on Unity (level 200)
  7. New video on Unity Extensibility (level 400)
  8. Customer satisfaction survey analysis [Done]

These are all things we plan on doing prior to starting Enterprise Library v5 research and planning work early next year.

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  1. Greetings, the Enterprise Library user community! Today the patterns & practices EntLib team together

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