Webcasts on EntLib4 and Unity

We are planning three webcasts on EntLib4 and Unity. Pencil in the tentative dates:

§  Taking advantage of Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.0 for Visual Studio 2008 (Level 200 – Intro)

July 10, 13:00-14:30pm Pacific


§  Introduction to dependency injection with Unity (Level 200 – Intro)

July 11, 12:00-13:00 Pacific


§  Extending the Unity dependency injection container (Level 400 – Advanced)

July 24, 13:00-14:30 Pacific



We’ll be doing lots of demos of the goodness in EntLib and Unity. I’ll post the links to the registration site as soon as they become available on MS Events.




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  1. jeremy.wiebe says:

    Hi Gregori,

    I had planned on attending this webcast but unfortunately I missed it.   Will it be put up somewhere so that folks who missed it can still watch it after the fact?


  2. @jeremy.wiebe

    Yes, both EntLib and Unity Intro webcasts are now available on MS Events (www.microsoft.com/events), select On-Demand Webcasts.


  3. Here is a Webcast on using Enterprise Application Block 4.0. The Vanilla Demo Application describes all

  4. From the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, I am writing this message in between many exciting

  5. Nalluri says:

    Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the latest addition to the p&p library

  6. Hi Everyone! Our Architecture Patterns and Practices team just announced the latest revision for Enterprise

  7. Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the latest addition to the p&p library…

  8. jeremy.wiebe says:

    Hi again.   I finally got time to view the webcast but couldn’t because of this error:

    — Error —

    We’re sorry, the requested Webcast could not be found.

    Reference Event Code: 1032382565

    — Error —

  9. Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 – October 2008 Great news ! Enterprise Library 4.1 is now available

  10. Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist

  11. Da pochi giorni è disponibile la nuova release dell’ Enterprise Library 4.1. L’ Enterprise Library

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