Unity refresh (v1.1)

In addition to the release of the Enterprise Library 4.0, the patterns & practices team is happy to announce the release of the Unity dependency injection container v1.1.

Quick Links:

                 MSDN site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/unity

                 Community Forum: http://codeplex.com/unity

                 Community Extensions: http://codeplex.com/unitycontributions


What’s New in Unity 1.1?

                 Remove all obsolete ObjectBuilder code;

                 Fix the bug: lifetime managers with open generic types;

                 Fix the bug: RegisterType was overriding RegisterInstance;

                 Performance improvement when resolving singletons;

                 Made some internal classes public to make it easier to write certain type of extensions (the ones that need to customize how the dependencies are resolved;

                 Improved error messages when value resolution fails.

What’s NOT in Unity yet?

                 Interception mechanism is not implemented yet; it is on top of our Unity backlog though;

                 Policy Injection Application Block can still be used if AOP functionality is needed;

                 No tool support for DI configuration.

 As always, your feedback is invited. Please post your stories, questions, screams on Codeplex. We are listening!



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