Just Released: Unity Application Block 1.2 for Silverlight

If you are building rich application experiences in Silverlight, you can now use the power of dependency injection. It was possible to use Unity on Silverlight before, but you had to make some tweaks since Silverlight has some differences from the desktop common language runtime (CLR). We are happy to announce the official release of…


What is Enterprise Library team currently up to?

After shipping Enterprise Library v4.1, the team is focusing on the ease-of-use and learnability aspects of both EntLib and Unity. Our top stories of the current backlog include the following: Unity for Silverlight [Done – 12/14/2008] Comprehensive Enterprise Library FAQs [Done – 2/10/2009]  Validation Block Hands-on Lab [Done – 1/3/2009] Interception Hands-on Lab [Done -…


Microsoft Enterprise Library – What Do Customers Want ?

As the Enterprise Library product owner and now program manager, I frequently talk to users. Despite the fact that we position the Enterprise Library as coded guidance, I consistently hear the sentiment that it is perceived as a product. As one customer unequivocally put it, “We don’t care what you call it. As far as…


Agile Perspectives PDC Workshop

As promised, here’s the deck Mary Poppendieck and I used during the workshop. We hope it was worth the attendees’ time. We encourage you to try new techniques we talked about and let us know how your agile adoption is going. For more information, visit Mary’s site. http://gmelnik.com/talks/PDC2008%20Pre-con%20Agile%20Perspectives%20MPoppendieck%20GMelnik.pdf


Patterns & practices goodness – early Christmas

Earlier this week I’ve announced the releases of Enterprise Library 4.1, Unity 1.2 and Acceptance Test Engineering Guide BETA1. This is not all. Additionally, our group has just shipped: Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Beta 1 Distributed Agile Development at Microsoft p&p SharePoint guidance is coming soon too. You can check their current drop on Codeplex….


News: Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance BETA1

I am pleased to announce the release of the Acceptance Test Engineering guide BETA1. You can download it from http://codeplex.com/TestingGuidance Common Scenarios Addressed: How to Plan for Acceptance Testing What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests Defining What “Done” Means How to Justify Your Approach Contents at a…


Just Released: Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2

From the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, I am writing this message in between many exciting PDC sessions and conversations with customers of Enterprise Library and other p&p assets. Microsoft patterns & practices is pleased to announce the twin release of Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2. What’s New in Enterprise Library…


Agile PreCon at PDC 2008

Mary Poppendieck and I are set to run a pre-conference workshop on Agile Perspectives: Industry and Microsoft. In it, we will provide our observations on what works, what doesn’t in the world of agile, and why (we call this segment of the workshop “Reality of agile”). The objective is to provide pragmatic advice, recommendations and…


Generics support in Unity

Community! As you know we are currently working on EntLib4.1/Unity1.2. We’ve already addressed a number of stories, including one of the most requested features of Unity – improved support for generics. In particular, we now fully support generic decorator chains. Check out the most recent drop on Codeplex under Source Code. You can also expect…


Agile2008 selected sessions online

You wish you could have made it to Agile2008 in Toronto 2 weeks ago? A small number of sessions is now available online. 18 sessions have been recorded, 3 of which are already made available: −       Natural Laws of Software Development – Deriving Agile Practices by Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson −       “We suck less!” Isn’t…