Shipping GAX 1.3 – your input is invited

Hello, community!

We have GAX/GAT1.3 ready to ship. However, none of the p&p factories are implemented for Orcas at the moment. So, despite the fact that GAX/GAT is available for Orcas, you can only use it to build your own factories, not to run the ones shipped by p&p (i.e. Web Client Software Factory, Smart Client Software Factory, Web Service Software Factory,  Mobile Client Software Factory). Those will only work on GAX 1.3 on VS2005.

It is very important for us to understand how the community uses GAX/GAT before we ship. Please tell us in this 1-question poll.




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  1. GAX 1.3 ready to ship – need input

  2. Some surprising results from the poll (N=42). Half of respondents indicated that they authored and ran their own software factories independently from p&p software factories. This is more than we expected. Of course, the survey results may be skewed because most people subscribed to GAX/GAT tags must have an interest in guidance package authoring. Regardless, we are quite pleased to see this level of activity!

    This makes the coming release really valuable for the group of people building their own factories as the guidance package runtime and authoring toolkit will now run on both VS2005 and VS2008 Beta 2.

    Three quarters of the respondents indicated that they were using software factories built by p&p. Please note that these factories (Web Client Software Factory, Smart Client Software Factory, Mobile Client Software Factory, Web Service Software Factory) for now only work on VS2005 (even if you upgrade GAX). Corresponding software factories teams will be working on the updates and releasing them in due course.

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