Hello, and welcome to my blog. I've posted an entry on TDD earlier today and completely forgot to introduce myself. Let me do it properly now....

I am Grigori Melnik, a Senior Technical Product Planner with Microsoft patterns & practices. My current portfolio includes:

  • Enterprise Library, a collection of application blocks designed to assist programmers with common enterprise development challenges (like data access, caching, validation, logging, security, policy injection etc.)

  • Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX), a runtime for guidance packages, such as those included in Software Factories, for automating key development scenarios from within the Visual Studio),

  • and The Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT), an authoring extension to Visual Studio for guidance packages.

I've taken over these from Tom Hollander, the father of EntLib, who's done a fantastic job at taking EntLib to its current high levels of popularity (over 600,000 downloads in 2 years and a solid base of customers standardising their development on EntLib). Though Tom has embarked on a new adventure back home in Sydney, he is still very much connected and involved with EntLib and EntLib Contrib communities. I am glad I can lean on his sholder - thanks, Tom!

In addition, I am involved with researching and revamping Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and its agile instance. One of the tasks is to reconcile the rich body of  engineering practices guidance with the MSF process guidance (not a trivial task which probably deserves a separate blog entry).

I'd like to mention and thank colleagues of mine who made my "inauguration" to p&p smooth and painless (so far :): Shaun Hayes, Rick Maguire, Wojtek Kozaczynski, Per Von Nielsen, J.D. Meier, Bill Loeffler, Don Smith, Glenn Block, Andrew Delin, Steve Elston, Mo Al-Sabt, Peter Provost, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Chris Tavares, Dmitri Ossipov, Victor Aprea, Bob Brumfield, Kim LaBreck.

They, along with many others, form a great fountain of knowledge and I am honoured to be a part of this talented and capable team!

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    MS Patterns and Practices to Become Test-Infected?

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