Windows 8.1 small changes huge difference

I borrowed the title from this Gizmodo article that was written before the windows 8.1 lunch and was talking about the changes for the normal user. But in this post I’m going to be targeting developers and I’ll make a series of posts featuring each category of changes by its own. I’ll be mainly focusing…

Windows 8.1 online sessions

Starting from the 25th of September İbrahim KIVANÇ will be delivering a series of 10 online sessions covering Windows 8.1, what’s new in it and how to add some of the new features in your existing app. below your find the sessions dates titles and outlook appointments. Add your Outlook/iCal calendar as item Title: Windows…


October Event: Uganda .NET Usergroup – Windows 8 development

The Uganda .NET usergroup meetings are progressing naturally from ALM to specialised skills in Windows 8 development in October. You may have been wondering what features you can take advantage of as a developer. This is an opportunity for you to learn and apply the skills on your innovative ideas and develop Windows 8 applications….

Windows 8 getting StringFormat functionality

So in WPF and windows phone you were able to StringFormat your bindings so you can display your binded data in different formats so for example if you have a datetime variable and you want only to display the minutes or the month name using StringFormat you can easily achieve that. But that functionality was…

Introduction to Windows 8 with a simple camera application

This is My first video tutorial, in it I’m giving a small introduction about windows 8 and building a small demo application in C# and XAML that uses the WinRT APIs to connect with the camera. I hope that you like it and I’ll be waiting for your comments. [View:]


What does the LayoutAwarePage Class provide?

In this post I’m going to be discussing what’s available in the LayoutAwarePage Class. So First what is that class and how can we get it? The LayoutAwarePage is a class that Microsoft has developed for us in order to help us in handling the applications Navigation, Visual State Switching and Process Lifetime management. You…

Building a shared core between Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8

So a week ago I was a building an application that was planned to be running on both windows 8 and windows phone 8 and since both of them are running on the same logic and both of them was written in C# and XAML it should be very easy. So after 2 days, I…


Parsing JSON in Windows 8 store applications

Since you reached here I don’t think you’ll be interested why JSON is better than XML you are already using it, but if you are interested in why? Here is a great web page speaking about that (JSON: The Fat-Free Alternative to XML) but I think it’s a little bias towards JSON, but for me…