Activate your free store account using DreamSpark

So I always get asked on the steps you need to follow in order to activate your store account from DreamSpark. but first what is: DreamSpark DreamSpark is a program targeting mainly students, with the aim of providing them with software that will help them in converting their ideas and dreams into reality through Visual…


Rencontrez Chervine Bhiwoo

  On a fait la connaissance de Chervine lors d’un atelier, quand il s’est mis en avant comme chef d’équipe de 3 développeurs. Il les a soutenu et coacher afin qu’ils puissent acquérir les connaissances et les techniques nécessaires les permettant de développer des applications Windows Phone – Pendant qu’on demandait au minimum 4 applications de…


Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Online Series

Starting from tomorrow, 25th of September 10 sessions covering all what you need to know about windows phone 8 development will be given by Mohamed Yamama – Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone every Wednesday. These session are public, so feel free to distribute it. Below is the schedule for the sessions, mark your calendar and…


MIC Uganda Windows Phone 8 Bootcamp: Uganda Christian University

This is an exciting moment at Uganda Christian University (UCU) where we have a Windows Phone 8 bootcamp. We have an enthusiastic group of students who have taking this opportunity to learn and understand the art of developing mobile applications. There is many ideas coming through from this group of 25 students. The Microsoft Incubation…


August 2013 online training

The invitation is public, so feel free to distribute it. In Accordance to our effort to deliver deep technical training to our partners and developers community, we are resuming the Triple Play training sessions for developing apps and solutions on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Azure.     Date:   Thursday, 29th of…


Rencontrez l’héro de Juillet: Holty SOW

        À la sortie du Windows Phone, Holty SOW s’est offert un à lui-même, quand il n’a pas trouvé « Awalé », un de ses jeux préféré, sur le Windows Phone Store, il a décidé de le développer lui-même !  Continuez la lecture pour connaitre plus sur Holty SOW, son parcours et son expérience dans le développement.  …


Changing the default windows phone 8 colors (override the chosen theme)

A couple of days ago I was trying to build an app over windows phone 8, My Apps theme had green as the main color and a light background. whenever the user changes the phone theme my app gets affected so if the user choose the foreground to be red all the controls highlight some…


Introduction to Maps for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 Maps Control Windows Phone 8 contains a new Maps API that is different from the Bing Maps available in Windows Phone OS 7.1. One major difference between the two controls is that the WP7 control is a Silverlight control, while the new WP8 control is native and hence part of the WP8…


How to make your Windows Phone Vibrate using C#

There are many reasons why you might want to programmatically vibrate the phone during apps or games.  You might want to alert the user to an error condition or you want the user to actually feel that he has touched/clicked a button on the Phone. The Windows Phone SDK makes it easy for developers to…


Enable Lock Screen Notifications in your WP8 App

A nice cool feature in Windows Phone 8 is integration with the lock screen, which means now you can receive app updates while your phone is locked. There is different types of lock screen notifications either to have a quick status update displaying notification icons the same way the Outlook app displays New Mail notifications….