October Event: Uganda .NET Usergroup – Windows 8 development

The Uganda .NET usergroup meetings are progressing naturally from ALM to specialised skills in Windows 8 development in October. You may have been wondering what features you can take advantage of as a developer. This is an opportunity for you to learn and apply the skills on your innovative ideas and develop Windows 8 applications….


Windows 8 free Design assets Part 2

So after my last post about windows 8 free design assets, I discovered some more resources that I wanted to share with you. So the first thing that I should have started with is the Modern UI icons that Microsoft has provided you with. So there are two main places to find these icons and…


Windows 8 free design assets

Welcome to my second post, if you missed the first one you can find it here. I am writing this post from the windows surface RT, an amazing piece of hardware. Regarding the windows 8 designing, Microsoft is providing a portal with a lot of amazing resources around the windows 8 modern UI guidelines and…