Activate your free store account using DreamSpark

So I always get asked on the steps you need to follow in order to activate your store account from DreamSpark. but first what is: DreamSpark DreamSpark is a program targeting mainly students, with the aim of providing them with software that will help them in converting their ideas and dreams into reality through Visual…


AppStars Event Kenya

This was the Kick start of the Appstars Initiative where we met the MSPs, Champs and Community influencers. It was really a great experience with a lot of passion in the air. The main objectives of that event was to enable the community and get them on the latest Microsoft technology. While introducing them to…


Callisto toolkit a rich controls and helpers toolkit

So when I was developing my first app I needed to achieve a certain functionality that wasn’t available in the regular windows 8 controls so when I searched online I came across a very helpful toolkit called Callisto, it was developed by Tim Heuer and Morten Nielson this toolkit controls a lot of helpful controls,…


Windows 8 free Design assets Part 2

So after my last post about windows 8 free design assets, I discovered some more resources that I wanted to share with you. So the first thing that I should have started with is the Modern UI icons that Microsoft has provided you with. So there are two main places to find these icons and…


Services to help you ship quality software. On time, every time.

Today, software must meet your customers’ needs in an ever-changing landscape. New features must be released continuously, updates must be timely, and bug fixes cannot wait for version 2. That’s the reality in software development today, and it is never going back to the days of a new release every few years. That’s especially true…

Windows 8 free design assets

Welcome to my second post, if you missed the first one you can find it here. I am writing this post from the windows surface RT, an amazing piece of hardware. Regarding the windows 8 designing, Microsoft is providing a portal with a lot of amazing resources around the windows 8 modern UI guidelines and…


Welcome to Windows 8

Hello My Name is Shehab Fawzy, I am a gamer I play a lot of League of Legends and in my free time I’m a windows 8 developer evangelist :). I come from an background (MVC & Forms). I also used to develop windows forms & WPF applications. Windows 8 is an amazing technology….