Rencontrez Chervine Bhiwoo

  On a fait la connaissance de Chervine lors d’un atelier, quand il s’est mis en avant comme chef d’équipe de 3 développeurs. Il les a soutenu et coacher afin qu’ils puissent acquérir les connaissances et les techniques nécessaires les permettant de développer des applications Windows Phone – Pendant qu’on demandait au minimum 4 applications de…


October Event: Uganda .NET Usergroup – Windows 8 development

The Uganda .NET usergroup meetings are progressing naturally from ALM to specialised skills in Windows 8 development in October. You may have been wondering what features you can take advantage of as a developer. This is an opportunity for you to learn and apply the skills on your innovative ideas and develop Windows 8 applications….

Callisto toolkit a rich controls and helpers toolkit

So when I was developing my first app I needed to achieve a certain functionality that wasn’t available in the regular windows 8 controls so when I searched online I came across a very helpful toolkit called Callisto, it was developed by Tim Heuer and Morten Nielson this toolkit controls a lot of helpful controls,…


How to make your Windows Phone Vibrate using C#

There are many reasons why you might want to programmatically vibrate the phone during apps or games.  You might want to alert the user to an error condition or you want the user to actually feel that he has touched/clicked a button on the Phone. The Windows Phone SDK makes it easy for developers to…


Serializing objects to JSON in Windows 8 using C#

So In one of my old posts I was talking about how to deserialize JSON you can head there if you’re interested in that. Today I’m going to talk about how to serialize JSON and how to use HttpClient to post it to a service. Converting object to JSON For the first part you need…

The new Windows Dev Center

If you haven’t visited the Windows Dev Center before, I advice you to do it now as it’s like a one stop shop containing information and best practices about how to design your app, how to build windows 8 applications with different coding languages, how to monetize your app and some success stories. On the…


Introduction to Windows 8 with a simple camera application

This is My first video tutorial, in it I’m giving a small introduction about windows 8 and building a small demo application in C# and XAML that uses the WinRT APIs to connect with the camera. I hope that you like it and I’ll be waiting for your comments. [View:]


What does the LayoutAwarePage Class provide?

In this post I’m going to be discussing what’s available in the LayoutAwarePage Class. So First what is that class and how can we get it? The LayoutAwarePage is a class that Microsoft has developed for us in order to help us in handling the applications Navigation, Visual State Switching and Process Lifetime management. You…