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  1. James Makumbi says:

    Thanks Dina for documenting this process. What about our friend in Dreamspark?

  2. Dina Helmy says:

    there is a new post by my college for Dreamspark posted already 🙂

  3. hany.azzam says:

    Love it!

  4. John Krzeszewski says:

    The link above does not work

    Then visit the Windows Dev Center, click on Join Now and continue the store registration process as you can see below.  Thus I don't know how to join.

    John K

  5. Dina Helmy says:

    Which link exactly? you can use…/apps and click on dashboard where you will find the join button, and follow the steps above.

    Please check it and revert back, if you still have any issues

  6. Dina Helmy says:

    For activating the store account using Dreamspark, here is how:…/activate-your-free-store-account-using-dreamspark.aspx

  7. Denpal says:

    Thanks Dina

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