Microsoft Champs Training in Nigeria

Microsoft Champs Team are attending our first - invitation only - intensive training on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure. This training will put them on the right track to start developing their apps on top of the 3 technologies, and it will enable them to transfer this knowledge to their peers in the community. The training is under the Microsoft 4Afrika App Stars Program


The trainers are from Microsoft, & partners. The Champs are from CCHUB and Idea Hub as well as from different universities all over Nigeria. The Microsoft Champs team members are varied between students, and working professionals all of them are working towards a shared goal which is building and evangelizing technologies for 4Afrika.


Our agenda covers a variety of topics like:

  • Introduction to C#
  • Windows 8
    • Windows 8 Platform overview.
    • Windows 8 Design Principles.
    • Windows 8 Charms, Contracts.
    • Windows 8 Store.
    • Bing maps for Windows Store.
    • Windows 8.1 new features.
  • Windows Phone
    • Introduction to Windows Phone.
    • Windows Phone Design Guidelines.
    • Building WP Apps using Platform API, Tasks, and Choosers.
    • Windows Phone Store and Best Practices.
  • Windows Azure
    • Introduction to Windows Azure.
    • Windows Azure Websites.
    • Windows Azure Mobile Services.
    • Notification Hubs.
    • Cloud Services and Windows Azure Storage.
    • Virtual Machines


The trainings will be in Nigeria, with attendees from different countries.



Date: 2nd - 5th of October

Venue: Elion House Hotel


If you are invited, please make sure to bring your own machine with Windows 8 installed on it. Download Windows 8 from here.

To know more about those opportunities and attend our next camps like our page on Facebook, and follow us onTwitter. We publish a variety of opportunities for different countries and about different technologies.

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