November Event: Uganda .NET Usergroup – Windows Azure

In November, our meeting topic will shift to Windows Azure. As you may know, Windows Azure is the cloud offering from Microsoft. 

On 29th November you will learn how to take advantage of Windows Azure to develop and host your applications faster and in a scalable platform. Some of the challenges that developers face after developing software is hardware and cost. As a startup do you have the infrastructure to host your solution and scale in future as your customers grow? Wouldn't you rather have a reasonably priced pay as you go model? This coupled with Microsoft BizSpark offering would enable you to compete in the market with your solutions that take advantage of high availability, elastic scale and many out of the box features that the SDK provides.

There is very interesting areas that you will delve into during this meeting including

  • Infrastructure - Virtual Machines
  • Websites
  • Mobile Services
  • Storage
  • SQL Database
  • BigData (HDInsight)
  • Media Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Notification hub
  • Service Bus
  • Cache

This session will be a soup to nuts type. It will cover novice to expert content and once again, It will be nice to meet you again. 🙂

Sign up for free trial from and SDKs from and documentation is available on

Contact jmakumbi [at] for more details on the .NET Usergroup.

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