Uganda .NET Usergroup meeting September 2013 – ALM

In the September .NET user group meeting we will see how we can use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to manage projects and teams to produce quality software on time. We all know that in software development teams, developers do not want to focus on the noise of tasks, bugs, methodologies but code. The project managers want information on when the project will be completed, when will tasks be completed, bugs fixed, who is available and how is the product progressing to delivery. Team Foundation server enables a customizable streamlined way of managing software processes from the beginning to the end of the project.

You can already signup for Team Foundation service and give it a spin before the event on It is free for 5 team users and MSDN subscribers, see details here

For more on the features of Team Foundation service  visit

We should expect the following among others:

  • Collaborated development
  • Source control
  • Agile planning
  • Test Execution (Unit testing, Integration testing, Regression testing)
  • Continuous Build
  • Uses in multi-platform scenarios

You may be asking questions like

  1. How do I manage bugs in my project? Where and how do I do that? Do I assign each developer a bug they should remember Smile
  2. How do I know what is happening in the project?
  3. Who is doing what?
  4. What are the remaining tasks?
  5. Does the project build?
  6. At what stage are we?
  7. How do I ensure that a team works together on the same code?
  8. Can developers in disparate locations work together in a team?
  9. Can I use this service if I develop software using Eclipse?
  10. What will I do if I need help or more information?

They will be answered.

The event will be held at the OutBox, in Kampala on the 20th of September 2013. If you want more information about the event you may contact James Makumbi the .NET Usergroup leader at jmakumbi [at]

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