The Microsoft surface/Kinect marketing solution (Part 3)

You will find (Part 1) && (Part 2)

So today it will not be that long , we will work On the interface of the app

So lets start By making it a full screen app :

At the xaml of the main window you should make the windowstyle at Appearance tab in properties : None

and you should make WindowStyle="None" WindowState="Maximized" to make it full screen and in my case I will be doing the Application optimized for the full HD resolution 1080P So I will make a check With the user that his screen is at this resolution


so in the mainWindow.XAML.CS I will show a message box for the user to check his resolution


Next we will be working on adding the buttons in the KinectRegion


What we will be mainly dealing with is :

1. KinectScrollViewer: Wich gives the user the ability to grip a list And scroll through it.

2. KinectTileButton: which is a button that is clickable using the Hand Pushing function.

3. KinectCircleButton: which is same like the Tile button but circular.

Wish will all be included in the KinectRegion.

So we will start by adding a horizontal KinectScrollViewer and we will hide the scroll but will make it just horizontal


and then we will need to add some KinectTileButtons In the scroll viewer

<k:KinectScrollViewer HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Hidden" 
VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Disabled" HorizontalAlignment="Center"VerticalAlignment="Center">
                <WrapPanel VerticalAlignment="Center" x:Name="wrapPanel" Height="450" 
Width="1500" Orientation="Vertical">
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="1" Height="440" HorizontalAlignment="Center"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="2"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="3"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="4"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="5"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="6" Height="440" Width="440" 
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="7"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="8"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="9"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="10"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="11"  Height="440"  HorizontalAlignment="Center"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="12"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="13"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="14"/>
                    <k:KinectTileButton Label="15"/>



wish should give you a result like that


Next we will be building the links between the pages of the app

C you next week

And if there is any questions don’t hesitate to ask Smile

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