Callisto toolkit a rich controls and helpers toolkit

So when I was developing my first app I needed to achieve a certain functionality that wasn’t available in the regular windows 8 controls so when I searched online I came across a very helpful toolkit called Callisto, it was developed by Tim Heuer and Morten Nielson this toolkit controls a lot of helpful controls, converters, extensions and helpers.



Extensions and Helpers

In order to install this toolkit in your app you have to main ways the first one is by adding as a visual studio extension so it will always be available in your toolbox no matter what windows 8 app your are working on once you drag a control the references will be added automatically to your app here is the link. The second way is by adding the toolkit through the nuget Console or the nuget window, just search for Callisto in the nuget window and choose install or type the following command in the nuget consoles.

PM> Install-Package Callisto
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