The Microsoft surface/Kinect marketing solution.

So basically For the upcoming 5 Weeks we will be working on making a marketing campaign product for the Microsoft surface, where we will develop a WPF interactive app that using kinect will make the customers interact with the application and will give him control of browsing the data inside it.

What I am thinking about is that an application like that can be used for any product to be shown to the customers passing by the store or waiting in the store so that it would help them to play with kinect while in the mean time it will be like a good marketing way for the Company itself.

So in the upcoming 4 weeks we will cover most of the new functionalities of the 1.7 SDk for Kinect like :

  • Initializing the Kinect
  • the Kinect sensor UI
  • Kinect region
  • User viewer
  • Kinect Buttons
  • Kinect scroller 

And the target is to reach an app that looks something like this :

starts by some flipping images for Surface RT & Surface Pro


blog 1


and as soon as it detects a user will show him as a shadow on top of the displayed data

user detected

then ask him to raise his hand to take control

user detected2

and press on a button which will take him to the main screen:


he will control the mouse using his hand with the push to select option.

and there will be the grip and drag option to read inside the articles:


and when a user leave it will take us back to the main window :


that’s hopefully what we will end with Smile

But I am open for ideas and feedback and a lot of things will change while we are developing the app itself.

So tune in every Thursday for the new blog post Winking smile

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  1. Antony Wainaina Kariuki says:

    Awesome!!! Looking forward to this!!

    Unfortunately I do not have the sensor 🙁

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