The cross platform Shopping List demo with a Windows Azure backend

We've been doing a combined demo in our dev camps recently, which is a shopping list application that works cross platform (Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android) with a Windows Azure Mobile Services backend.

The source code is posted on GitHub:


We'll be following this post with detailed explanation of how you can recreate this app.\

Comments (4)

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks so much, great work from you guys. I know this knowledge will set us on current standard in the industry using Microsoft technologies.

  2. Tomiwa says:

    We are grateful to the Microsoft Team. To make us understand the Demo better, can we have a readme file describing what we have to do to get our project setup?

  3. Famous says:

    Great work guys….i am working on my first app for windows 8 devices for 8 phone dev will come after…

  4. Funmi says:

    Well done Annie and her team. The shopping list app codes really looked easy during the demo. Not as easy as it looks! I am working on mine. Thanks all!

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