Sneak peek into the future of Kinect

Not all of us know what the future holds for Kinect, Actually kinect was not something that was planned to be productized as kinect for windows , but lets take a look in the Kinect Fusion,

so basically Kinect Fusion pulls depth data that is generated by the Kinect for Windows sensor and, from the sequence of frames, constructs a highly detailed 3-D map of objects or environments. The tool averages readings over hundreds or even thousands of frames to create a rich level of detail.

which means that creating 3D models will not take that much time , and it will be mapping the reality and as per Shahram Izadi, senior researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. "Normally when you think of Kinect, you think of a static sensor in a living room. But with Kinect Fusion, we allow the user to hold the camera, explore their space, and rapidly scan the world around them."

but when we are talking about a smaller object you can just move it other than moving the device.

Kinect Fusion opens up a wide range of possibilities starting by gaming and augmented reality till the industrial design. I think it is exciting that this is coming in the tool kit for the next Kinect for Windows SDK.

This video will show you an idea of the use of Kinect Fusion


Just Imagine the possibilities.


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