How can Kinect help Your Business ?

First question that pops up in my mind is why should a business use Kinect , where is the added value to the company and How can Kinect Help your Business or startup to excel in the market and be the provider of the latest technology ?

So I thought about writing a blog post with my believes of the value In Kinect.

Kinect For windows mainly provide a Better User interface , and more interactive user experience, so it is for your company to be at the forefront of touch-free computing and help unlock what is possible when people use gesture and voice to interact naturally with technology.

Imagine a very Nice Application but with a very bad user interface, I can guarantee for you that no one will ever use it or download it, but on the other hand imagine an average application with a very good Interface, most probably it might be the top downloaded app because we all love to deal with an easy and nice looking interface, Few people use DOS now (If any).

That’s what kinect provide you with, the next step in the future so after the Keyboard came the mouse and after that The audio commanding and the Touch interface, But the next step to the future is the Touch free Interface where you can control every thing with normal Interactions , Gestures And audio commands.

Let`s take Nissan Pathfinder Virtual Showroom as an example:

Automotive companies Audi, Ford, and Nissan are adopting Kinect as the newest way to put a potential driver into a vehicle. Most car buyers want to get "hands on" with a car before they are ready to buy, so automobile manufacturers have invested in tools such as online car configurators and 360-degree image viewers that make it easier for customers to visualize the vehicle they want.

But with Kinect for windows they used the combination of camera, body tracking capability, and audio input so that they can put the car buyer into the driver's seat in more immersive ways than have been previously possible—even before the vehicle is available on the retail lot!

The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder application powered by Kinect for Windows was an example for this, which was originally developed to demonstrate the new Pathfinder at auto shows before there was a physical car available.

"The Pathfinder application using Kinect for Windows is a game changer in terms of the way we can engage with consumers," said John Brancheau, vice president of marketing at Nissan North America. "We're taking our marketing to the next level, creating experiences that enhance the act of discovery and generate excitement about new models before they're even available. It's a powerful pre-sales tool that has the potential to revolutionize the dealer experience."

Each dealer has a kiosk that includes a Kinect for Windows sensor, a monitor, and a computer that’s running the Pathfinder application built with the Kinect for Windows SDK. Since the Nissan Pathfinder application first debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2012, developers made several enhancements, including a new pop-up tutorial, and interface improvements, such as larger interaction icons and instructional text along the bottom of the screen so a customer with no Kinect experience could jump right in. "In the original design for the auto show, the application was controlled by a trained spokesperson. That meant aspects like discoverability and ease-of-use for first-time users were things we didn’t need to design for," noted IdentityMine Research Director Evan Lang.

Now, shoppers who approach the Kinect-based showroom are guided through an array of natural movements—such as extending their hands, stepping forward and back, and leaning from side to side—to activate hotspots on the Pathfinder model, allowing them to inspect the car inside and out.

This is a video that will make you feel how powerful it is:


So whatever you are developing and for whatever industry you are working in, Kinect will lead to much easier user interface and much more friendly one.

Leading the market with the latest technology will grab a lot of attention to your company, but providing innovative solutions with the latest technologies for interaction with those solutions for sure will grab much more attention to your business.

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  1. Mrtn Kizza says:

    Great perspective. Kinect is definitely a revolutionary feature for everything. This should help me figure out how to use it in every app. Thank you!!!

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