Windows 8 free Design assets Part 2

So after my last post about windows 8 free design assets, I discovered some more resources that I wanted to share with you.

So the first thing that I should have started with is the Modern UI icons that Microsoft has provided you with. So there are two main places to find these icons and use them:

1. The StandardStyles.xaml

So you will find that file provided for you under the common folder if you choose any of the windows 8 provided templates except the blank one. That file provides you with some common design templates that are gone help you in your app building, the most important part of that file is the area where it provides you with application bar icons, so all what you have to do in this part is uncomment the style you want and use it as a style in your Button.


2. The Segoe UI Symbol font

This is a font that you get with your windows 8. You can access these available icons from the charmap as seen below.


Then you copy the icon Unicode and paste it in visual studio as follows.


And since it’s a font you can scale it effortlessly.

So the last place I found that contains free XAML icon is modern UI icons and they are provided as paths for you so you can scale them without worrying about them getting pixelated.

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