Developing on Bing

We all know that the typical App today has a location component to it; if not, the need to grab data off the internet or simply a translation aspect seeking to reach out to the millions of diverse language speakers here in Africa. You made the right stop here at AfricaApps; my role is to help you as a developer realize these goals.

As the Developer Evangelist focusing on Bing Technologies, I shall be helping you get started on Bing Development on the three technology domains: Search, Mapping and Translation. I want your App search to be more relevant, organized and convenient; your maps
more visual and informative; and your translation faster, fluid and precise.

I am very excited and all revved up to engage with you and help you add value to your applications. Drop me an email if you require any technical assistance or simply leave a comment on our posts to help us stay in touch with you.

When not coding, I shall be, pushpins in hand, tracking down the BIG football matches across Africa on Bing Maps.

So follow me on twitter and let’s get his Bing party started!

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  1. Mwirigi says:

    Here's the IEBC API. Polygons and all, should be great for mapping 🙂

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