Welcome to Windows 8

Hello My Name is Shehab Fawzy, I am a gamer I play a lot of League of Legends and in my free time I’m a windows 8 developer evangelist :). I come from an ASP.net background (MVC & Forms). I also used to develop windows forms & WPF applications.

Windows 8 is an amazing technology. you can start developing today it doesn't matter what is your experience background either it's HTML & Javascript or XAML, C# or VB or even c or C++ there is a place for you in windows 8. They'll all be having a native app performance thanks to the new WinRT.

More to come in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be posting a lot about Design assets, tips, code snippets, best practices & tutorials. 

But to get you started here are some windows 8 resources: 

Feel Free to follow me on twitter(  @shehabafawzy) or ask me questions, looking forward to hear from you.
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