Publisher 2010 TR and Printing to XPS

Justin just posted on the XPS team blog news of Publisher 2010 support for printing via the XPS Print Path. When used with a device that supports XPS, Publisher generates XPS print content and submits that directly to the XPS Print Path. The technical preview for Office 2010 is available, although it looks like there’s…

Ecma-388 PR

Ecma has published a press release on the approval of OpenXPS which includes quotes from many of the companies involved in the standard. Related, Dan has published some background details on the XPS Team Blog.

GreenPrint v2 with XPS

GreenPrint Software have released version 2 of GreenPrint, their tool to help reduce unnecessary printing. The Press Release includes the following: The paper-saving software, which eliminates unwanted pages and reduces printing by 17% or more, has been redesigned from the ground up around Microsoft’s new XPS print path. In addition to improved speed, the new…

kReader PC

The team at knfbReading Technology have built a book reader targeting assisted reading and study skills for students and based on the XPS format. Here’s a glimpse: More details on kReader PC on the knfbReader site.

Zoran Enhances XPS Print Path Support

Zoran has announced enhancements to their IPS DDK 3.0 driver development kit with XPS Print Path support, including support for Windows 7. Details in the press release.

Active XPS

ActivePDF adds support for XPS in activePDF Server 2009. Details in the press release.

Document Toolkit v1 available

First Floor have released version 1.0 of their document toolkit for client-side display of XPS using Silverlight. Details in this blog post. The documentation is also available online, including details of conformance with the spec, note that TIFF and HD Photo images and ICC color profiles are currently not supported.

Windows HD Imaging AQ

Dan just posted details of the Windows HD Imaging Additional Qualifier (AQ) for the Windows 7 logo program. Details and links are on the XPS team blog.

Office Service Pack 2 with XPS

Office service pack 2 is now available – you can read the details pretty much anywhere but a good place to start is the Inside Office blog which has links to the official announcement, blog articles, technical and support information and, yes, the download link. From the document perspective the big news in SP2 is…

SimonSays How to Display XPS in Silverlight

Another XPS in Silverlight link. This one is from Simon Guest with details on how he updated David Anson’s sample to work around changes in Silverlight 2. Source code available.