New Toshiba e-Studio

“…the e-STUDIO2330c provides Windows Vista-specific printing enhancements in the form of XPS Print Path drivers, Windows Color System support and Windows Vista WS print and scan support, while remaining 100 percent backwards-compatible with existing deployments.” More in the Toshiba press release

System-supplied property handler for XPS

Did you know that Windows Vista includes a system-supplied property handler for XPS? Details of how to use the XPS handler, and on how to write your own handler, are available on MSDN.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) RTM’d last month and today it appeared as an available update on my Vista machines at home. Here it is… Details of notable changes (that’s changes "focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards"), including enhancements…


I Preview

Outlook 2007 has a great feature that enables you to preview attachments within Outlook without having to start an instance of another application. Windows Explorer (in Windows Vista) has a similar feature. Both are very useful tools as part of an information management strategy — personally I use them a lot in conjunction with tagging…

Autodesk: AutoCAD, DWFx and XPS

Yesterday, Autodesk announced the next release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2009, as part of a family of products. Shaan Hurley has called out some of the highlights from AutoCAD 2009 Product Manager Doug Cochran, including support for XPS-based DWFx files and creation of DWFx by either publishing or plotting drawing files. From the AutoCAD 2009 Preview…


Configuring Compression in XPS Drivers

This is an update on controlling compression options in a driver. In Windows Vista SP1 we’ve added the capability for drivers to control image compression. For drivers based in PScript5UI.dll or UnidrvUI.dll see the documentation on the IPrintOEMUIMXDC interface. For monolithic drivers see MXDCGetPDEVAdjustment.

HD Photo Plug-in for PhotoShop

The final version of the HD Photo plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop are now available for Windows and Mac OS X. Bill Crow has posted the details as well as links to the plug-ins on download center. HD Photo is fully supported on Vista via Windows Photo Gallery (and Photo Printing Wizard) and for developers via .Net and…


XPS in Windows Vista

Time for a post on one of the XPS features in Windows Vista which I use a lot – archiving to XPS rather than printing. There’s lots of times where, in the past, I’ve had to print out stuff because I needed to, not because I wanted to. Common examples included copies of online shopping…