Publisher 2010 TR and Printing to XPS

Justin just posted on the XPS team blog news of Publisher 2010 support for printing via the XPS Print Path. When used with a device that supports XPS, Publisher generates XPS print content and submits that directly to the XPS Print Path. The technical preview for Office 2010 is available, although it looks like there’s…

Office Service Pack 2 with XPS

Office service pack 2 is now available – you can read the details pretty much anywhere but a good place to start is the Inside Office blog which has links to the official announcement, blog articles, technical and support information and, yes, the download link. From the document perspective the big news in SP2 is…

Get tagging (with XPS)

Windows 7 Beta

For those that have been asking… the Windows 7 beta is now available via MSDN and TechNet subscriptions. There is also a public beta, for details see this post from Brandon on the WindowsTeamBlog. Here’s a quick snap of the specification in the Windows 7 viewer: Enjoy


There’s loads of great stuff on the agenda for WinHEC (how I wish I was going back down to LA…) but two things I wanted to highlight:   XPS Rasterization and XPSDrv Performance in Windows 7 – CON-C650 This chalk-talk begins with a brief architectural overview of XPSDrv, XPS rasterization service and dependencies, and XPSDrv…

New XPS Features in Windows 7

We’ve been busy. Last week at PDC we unveiled Windows 7 and provided developers with a first look at the bits. This week at WinHEC we’re providing further details about Windows 7 for the hardware community. The big Windows 7 news for XPS is that we’ve extended the developer surface to include applications built on…


XPS Essentials Pack Update

The XPS Essentials Pack has been updated with support for Windows XP SP3 – details on the XPS Team Blog.


Engineering Windows 7

Interested in the engineering process for Windows 7? Then I’d recommend keeping up with the Engineering Windows 7 blog. As an example, this post covers the structure of the Windows Engineering Team. Enjoy.

Know Someone Smart? XPS is Hiring!

Are you interested in digital documents and the challenges (and responsibilities) of defining how a product like Windows helps to bridge the world between physical and electronic paper? I guess you wouldn’t be hear reading this if you weren’t 🙂 So I’ll skip over the high points (like working on products like Windows at companies…