Ecma-388 PR

Ecma has published a press release on the approval of OpenXPS which includes quotes from many of the companies involved in the standard. Related, Dan has published some background details on the XPS Team Blog.

TC46 in Genève

This week TC46 is meeting at the Hôtel Longemalle in Genève, hosted by Ecma International. Details of the work of the technical committee, including summaries of previous meetings, the latest working drafts and issue lists, are available from the TC46 Activities page. As ever, feedback is welcomed. Ecma also hosted a dinner for the committee…

Three Days in Prison

I spent 3 days in prison last week, or rather in the former Oxford prison that has now been converted to a rather nice hotel (assuming you like small windows with views of small patches of sky).   Software Imaging had kindly arranged the accommodation as part of hosting the TC46 meeting in Oxford. Details…