OpenXPS Links

Some OpenXPS links…

  • Ecma announcement: ECMA-388 approved
  • Stephen McGibbon, European Regional Technology Officer, on Ecma OpenXPS
  • Martin Bailey, former TC46 chair and CTO of Global Graphics
  • OpenXPS White Paper
  • Download the standard (specification and schemas)
  • ICC details on profile embedding (currently points to the TC46 page)
  • Wikipedia – looks like the XPS page has been (confusingly!) updated to OpenXPS and (even more confusingly) mixes up the format with implementations of the format. Oh dear.

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  1. Irakli Lomidze says:

    ok Good we noted already that TC46 is ECMA-388

    But where the SDK and Tools for it ?

    Plans ?

    ISO Roadmap ?

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