Office Service Pack 2 with XPS

Office service pack 2 is now available – you can read the details pretty much anywhere but a good place to start is the Inside Office blog which has links to the official announcement, blog articles, technical and support information and, yes, the download link. From the document perspective the big news in SP2 is…

SimonSays How to Display XPS in Silverlight

Another XPS in Silverlight link. This one is from Simon Guest with details on how he updated David Anson’s sample to work around changes in Silverlight 2. Source code available.

XPS to OneNote

David Rasmussen on using XPS to print to OneNote. There’s also a codeplex project.

Final Draft of OpenXPS

After 20 months of hard work, 8 face-to-face meetings (in Japan, Europe and the USA), numerous conference calls and a load of email, TC46, the technical committee working on the standardization of XPS, has published the final draft of the OpenXPS specification – denoted as version 1.6. As Ecma notes in this post, this draft…

FirstFloor Silverlight Document Viewer for XPS

Koen Zwikstra has announced a document toolkit for Silverlight that provides client-side viewing of XPS using Silverlight (2 & 3).  A preview is also available, you can find it hosted for evaluation purposes at   Update: here’s a link to the product overview, including FAQ and API documentation.