Microsoft Download Center

Scanning an article on Ars about the updated download center (or facelift as they referred to it) on reminded me to post this link to XPS Downloads from Microsoft. 

Micropress joins Fiery

EFI announced a “significantly enhanced” MicroPress with many new features including XPS support. MicroPress joins the Fiery, which also has support for XPS as announced back at drupa 2008.

Quality Logic Blog

The team over at Quality Logic are blogging (and have been for some time, which I missed until now. Opps). Steve recently posted details on an updated version of TestJob builder which supports creation of test jobs with support for Quality Logic test suite files and custom PDF, XPS, PCL5e/c, and PCLXL files and I…

4 x PDF on XPS

"Standards need to be open, otherwise they won’t be accepted anymore. Interoperability is important, as people do not want to get locked-in anymore. But everybody should still welcome a good, sound technology that aims to bring electronic document nirvana closer."   That quote is from an interesting article by Nick De Roeck of NiXPS published…